about agate pass cafe...

Welcome to the Agate Pass Cafe!
A solid menu that's surprisingly simple. Start with great ingredients and you'll be amazed at how good the food tastes without having to work so hard at it. 

Our goal is to take fresh, local ingredients, treat them simply and with respect, and create dishes to remember. Clean, fresh flavors - nothing fussy or overblown. We do our best to source local producers to bring you the flavors of the the area, and because of that, our menu changes with the seasons. Even our wine list is completely Pacific-Northwest based. Come see what North Kitsap is talking about!

marty bracken, chef

Marty Bracken, Chef at Agate Pass Cafe, Suquamish WA

Bracken was born in New York, raised in the suburbs of Detroit, matriculated in Oregon, and finally found herself in the neighborhoods of San Francisco.  She spent her entire career involved in food and customer service one way or another, most recently as Director of Operations at TASTE Restaurant at the Seattle Art Museum.  Prior to that she was in the trenches as a line cook at Earth & Ocean (W. Seattle), as General Manager with Bon Appetit, as a Systems Analyst with Starbucks, and as a Chef's Apprentice with Culinary Communion.  Marty is owner and chef here at the cafe, responsible for menu development, wine selections, and washing dishes.  Her goal is to create simple, delicious, slightly upscale food for the people of North Kitsap County until she can retire somewhere on the beach in Mexico.




isaac rehfield, sous chef

Isaac Rehfield, Sous Chef at Agate Pass Cafe, Suquamish WA

While most kids were reared on a steady diet of Sesame Street or Reading Rainbow, Isaac spent hours glued to PBS watching Julia Child, Galloping Gourmet and the Two Fat Ladies. Needless to say, he was not like other children...

From humble beginnings at the age of 14, Isaac started his career washing dishes at a cafe in his hometown of Juneau, Alaska and quickly ascended through the culinary ranks, discovering his true passion for delicious dishes and a no-nonsense approach to cooking along the way.  Maintaining a steady trudge, he worked his way through the trenches of the industry for close to ten years before landing at the Agate Pass Cafe as a Prep Cook in early 2011.

Two years later, he is now thrilled at the opportunity ahead of him as our new Sous Chef, where he will be responsible for creating some of the best food on the Peninsula. We should all look forward to great things from Isaac in the years to come.