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**All menus are subject to change without notice, but we do our very best to make sure this menu is up-to-date**


olives & almonds  castelvetrano olives, marcona almonds, sumac, lemon zest & sea salt   8

fried olives  mozzarella-stuffed green olives, panko-crusted & deep-fried, red bell pepper dip   9

dates  bleu cheese-stuffed dates, bacon-wrapped & pan-seared   11

clams  steamed local manila clams, chorizo, jalapeño, onion, white wine, grilled bread   15

brussels sprouts   deep-fried brussels sprouts, parsley, scallions, walnuts, capers, anchovy-dijon vinaigrette   11

salmon blini  smoked salmon, cornmeal pancakes, fromage-fraîche, shallots, capers   14

calamari  lightly dusted and fried calamari (gluten free), dark cherry chutney   11


salads & soup

bacon & egg salad*   bibb lettuce, bacon, sunny-side fried egg*, humboldt fog goat cheese, bacon vinaigrette   13

caprese   heirloom tomatoes, strawberries, basil, olive oil, balsamic reduction, burrata, pink himalayan sea salt   14

kale & apple salad*   lacinato kale, granny smith, pancetta, pecorino, pecans, maple vinaigrette*   14

just greens*   bibb lettuce, shaved fennel, basil-balsamic vinaigrette*   8

onion soup   caramelized onions, 24-hour chicken stock, burgundy wine, crostini, gruyere   10



halibut  pan-seared halibut, fingerling potatoes, bacon, corn & serrano pepper succotash, mango-pineapple-rum sauce, chive butter    33

pasta  polynesian pulled pork, cavatappi pasta, habanero, jalapeño & cilantro pesto, sour cream   22

lamb chops   pan-seared free-range chops, chimichurri marinade, grilled peaches, swiss chard, blackberries, goat cheese crumbles   31

scallops   pan-seared scallops, ricotta mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, arugula & grapefruit micro-salad, vanilla-grapefruit beurre blanc   32

chicken marsala   pan-seared chicken breast, marsala-mushroom pan sauce, broccoli, pasta with garlic-cream & grana padano   25

steak*   grilled 12oz dry aged new york, bleu cheese butter, sautéed spinach, rosemary frites   36

burger*   painted hills beef*, brioche bun, choice of cheese, rosemary frites, pimentón aioli   17

+ add bacon / sautéed mushrooms / fried egg / avocado   2.5 each      add jalapeno  1.5

sides:  rosemary frites…buttered pasta…sautéed spinach or chard…roasted broccoli…6…extra bread…1


entrée split plate charge $3 ~  please: no sounds from electronic devices ~  no personal checks ~ corkage fee $20  ~

*consumption of raw or undercooked fish, meat, or eggs can increase your risk of food borne illness*

*  removal of signed credit card receipt will result in an automatic 20% gratuity added  *

Executive Chef/Owner: Susanna Pin~ General Manager/Owner: Drew Bateman

Front of House Manager: Rachael Clark         Chef de Cuisine: Derrick Fricke         Kitchen Manager: Julia Robinson 

Front Of House: Hannah Doucette, Amanda Nguyen, Geoffrey Vigneron, Chloe Bateman, Alexandra Sharp, Emily Klein

Kitchen: Samuel Greene, Mack Taylor, Annie Stern, Brian Baker

Dish Crew: Tyler Bates, Peter Zwiefelhofer, Taylor Gore