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**All menus are subject to change without notice, but we do our very best to make sure this menu is up-to-date**

split plate charge $3 ~ no personal checks ~ corkage fee $20 ~ please, no sound from electronic devices

*consumption of raw or undercooked fish, meat or eggs can increase your risk of food-borne illness*


Owner/Goddess: Susanna Pin~ General Manager/Owner: Drew Bateman

Chef de Cuisine: Derrick Fricke  Kitchen Manager: Julia Robinson

Front Of House Manager: Hannah Doucette

Front Of House: Amanda Nguyen, Geoff Vigneron, Chloe Bateman, Alexandra Sharp, Emily Klein,         Aunika Kramer, Gabriel Madrigal, Jalaina Olson, Rory Baker

Kitchen: Samuel Greene (Lead Line), Brian Baker, Trevor Dennis

Dish Crew: Peter Zwiefelhofer, Jarret Curnew